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I am your neighbor in Big Bear and, I've been skiing and snowboarding in Big Bear since 1988. I have two small children that I want to grow up riding the slopes so, just like you I bought a vacation rental here. My plan was to rent it out for summer and part of the winter so my family would be able to use it free of charge.




After purchasing the home I signed up with a big management company. I own an internet marketing company and, they were targeting me with ads on Facebook. Their marketing worked getting my attention. I hoped they'd use their skills in advertising to get people booking rentals of the house too.

In the first 90 days, I only received 3 bookings that were all holidays and, rented out at very low rates. I quickly realized that if I stayed with this company, my bank account would be drained! So in August of 2019 I quit my contract with them and began marketing our cabin myself.




I'm friends with a guy who used to work for Airbnb and he helped me get started. I was super excited when I got my first booking in less than an hour. Within 60 days, I earned Superhost status and I've been crushing it ever since.

In the last 12 months my occupancy has skyrocketed to 91.3%*. That occupancy rate is 43.7% higher than properties like mine which is almost double the occupancy of my competition.

Also, in that same last 12 months my average nightly rate was $479. That was $187 higher than the average property like mine*. Ironically, section 187 of the California penal code is defined as murder. Looking at those numbers it's safe to say I am killing my Big Bear competition.

You can see my Airbnb listing at




Most recently something very exciting happened. After being awarded Airbnb SuperHost for the tenth time in a row, I received some amazing news from them. They asked me and, I accepted a position as an Airbnb Ambassador. The link to my Airbnb Ambassador page is

I'm now one of the experts who helps new "Airbnb-ers" with getting themselves off on good footing. I teach new hosts "the ropes" of Airbnb. From creating a great listing, all the way to welcoming guests into their home for the very the first time.




My wife was the one who encouraged me to open a property management company. I was reluctant at first but she finally convinced me. I already had an A+ team on the ground locally to back me up and, marketing could be part of my existing company. The Big Bear market is ripe because most property managers are terrible at their work.

So at the beginning of the year we took the leap of faith and began Big Bear On Demand. We now have 10 cabins under management all reporting revenues higher than before. I've even doubled the income of some.




Big Bear Lake's close proximity to LA made it the #1 Airbnb Travel Destination for July 2020 in The US**. People sought refuge from COVID in the mountains and, Big Bear was their first choice.

Last year, Big Bear had a lot of business. They were booked up and the numbers just kept going up! This summer though is different. Occupancy rates are down below 2019 levels- but don't worry; Here's a testimonial from one of our owners.


"We made the switch from our previous property management company to Big Bear on Demand in May. In July they doubled what we had made in July the year before. We made more in July then we made in December last year which is the high season."

Rick Smurlo- Lakefront At Boulder Bay


Despite the area doing worse, Rick's income doubled.




We know how to be profitable by investing in what matters most. Our employees are always the best. That's one reason we're able to make you so much more than other managers. We invest in our employees, and it pays off. We're here for you and your guests 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

One of our core values is that we treat our owners and guests like they are part of the family. The reason for this is simple, they are part of the family. We're here to help you make more money and, help your guests create lasting vacation memories.




At Big Bear On Demand, we focus on providing quality services to our owners and, guests. The big management companies have hundreds or, even thousands of properties worldwide. These companies focus on quantity and, we know that quality matters more. You can always count on us.




We're different because we'll create a high-quality, keyword optimized listing for you. Your property will be top ranked when people search for vacation rentals in Big Bear.




Your home will be photographed by one of the best photographers in Big Bear. Photos can make or break a listing. Your photos will make your home stand out and, convert visitors into renters.




Finally, we'll use data driven machine learning for your pricing. We make sure we always set prices in line with what's going on right now. Pricing predictions are made based on market supply and demand, seasonal trends, special events, holidays and, even days left to book. These factors have a great impact on occupancy and, nightly rates. We watch these factors constantly so we get you the highest returns possible.




Call me now at 877-399-2327 if you would like to talk about earning more money from your property. I can also be reached at Reach out today and, you'll be glad you did.


I look forward to working with you,


John Yakubik- Owner- Big Bear On Demand




We're confident we can earn you more than your existing property management company. We'll even guarantee it. If you don't make at least 20% more in your first year with us we'll refund you the difference guaranteed.***


*Numbers gathered from the Airbnb Performance dashboard for July 2020 to July 2021


***Money Back Guarantee* Must be currently using a property management company. Requires existing owner to follow our recommendations. Adding amenities and, improvements to their property/listing may be required. Refund not to exceed the amount of our management fees.